a right, a triangular impossibility
wrong or right
bumping my head
against the mirror
triangular shards
shower me
and temper my flame
cigarette in rain water
and I find that sweet
harmony to remember
that third, that fifth
simply to settle us down
before we light again
and again



This beautiful book by the equally as beautiful, Scherezade Siobhan, viperslang, will be explored in depth by the King, howitzerliterarysociety, in the first publication of South Jersey Review

Using a journalistic lens, our team is looking to further illuminate one of Tumblr’s most influential poets, the motif to her collection, and more. To get prepped for the review, make sure you grab a copy of Bone Tongue here.

Also, we are still looking for hi-quality contributions in poetry, art & photography. Yes. We are accepting previously published work too. Just make sure it’s your absolute best. For a full list of submission guidelines, visit